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Choosing the Best Yoga Pants

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Yoga pants can be worn for running errands, workouts and traveling. It is important to choose the right yoga pants that are functional and comfortable, while maintaining your fashion practicality and sense. Here are a few tips on choosing the best yoga pants.

Yoggie Pants ChecklistChoosing the right yoga pants

Look at the material

Quality yoga pants are light and moisture resistant to help you get a good workout. You can examine the materials by pinching it between your figures. An exceptional material feels sleek, it does not feel rough or rugged. Avoid clothes that are made out of pure cotton as they hold body moisture, making you feel heavy and uncomfortable. Instead, select soft blended material that wick moisture way from the body and therefore leave a cool feel over the body.
Choose the right size

Practicing yoga requires the body to stretch and bend in different poses, making it crucial to wear the right size. Avoid pants that are advertised as one size fits all, your body deserves a fit that is precise and flattering. Choose yoga pants that fit well around the waist and stay slightly fit throughout the leg. If you have a slender body size, you should consider a more fitted style while ensuring that the pants are not too tight around the waist.

Freedom to move

Yoga pants should be breathable, allowing you the freedom of movement so that you can perform stretching exercises comfortably. It is important to try doing some jumping jacks before purchasing yoga pants, and if pants are uncomfortable leave them and choose something better.

Pants styles and yoga practices

Many types of yoga classes are available. More powerful forms like Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa yoga require a lot of movement, so putting on a pair of tights or tighter fitting pants allows you the freedom of movement without considering looser fitting pant styles when riding up in various poses.  Read more about Vinyasa yoga from Lululemmon here. The fit of your yoga pants makes a great difference in the overall advancement of exercise, as you focus on the poses as opposed to adjusting your pants.


You should focus on choosing the best colors. Black and gray are the best colors for yoga pants. Black and gray colors are less revealing. Sweat stains are also more difficult to see in black and gray yoga pants.

Above All Choose Comfort

Choose yoga pants that are of comfortable and quality fabric and do not go for fancy ones with strings or too many fastenings. Be sure the set is well fitted, has elasticity and good color.

All About Prenatal Yoga

Friday, September 12th, 2014

When you’re expecting a child, whether it’s your first or your fourth, you are no doubt concerned about your health and your baby’s health during your pregnancy. It can be difficult to stay physically active and remain fit during pregnancy as changing hormones, energy levels, and weight make your normal fitness routines challenging, if not dangerous. Prenatal yoga is an increasingly popular choice for mothers-to-be, but what is it? More importantly, what are its benefits? (more…)

Yoga for kids

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

People are becoming increasingly more aware of the many benefits of yoga on health. Not only is yoga a great way to tone the body, improve balance and lose weight (read about yoga and weight loss here), but it’s amazing for relieving stress, as well. There is yoga for stress relief, yoga for people with disabilities, and even yoga for senior citizens. One thing that people may have never considered is that yoga may be very beneficial for children, as well. (more…)

8 Tips For Practicing Yoga At Home

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Woman Practicing Yoga At HomeYoga has been associated with many benefits (see here for benefits), and developing a personal yoga practice in your home is a convenient way to ensure optimal physical and mental health. By following a few tips, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga in the comfort and privacy of your home. (more…)

5 ways yoga can help you lose weight

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Woman practicing yoga You would like to lose some weight and you’re considering yoga. ┬áMaybe you’re considering yoga because cardio just isn’t your cup of tea, or maybe because the idea of centering yourself and finding inner peace with yoga while getting in shape seems appealing.

Or maybe it just seems less of a “workout.” While yoga is clearly different than a cardio workout, make no mistake – it’s still a workout. But a workout with many benefits; benefits that include weight loss and getting in shape.

So what are the 5 ways that yoga can help you to lose weight? See below and prepare to be amazed. (more…)