5 ways yoga can help you lose weight

Woman practicing yoga You would like to lose some weight and you’re considering yoga. ┬áMaybe you’re considering yoga because cardio just isn’t your cup of tea, or maybe because the idea of centering yourself and finding inner peace with yoga while getting in shape seems appealing.

Or maybe it just seems less of a “workout.” While yoga is clearly different than a cardio workout, make no mistake – it’s still a workout. But a workout with many benefits; benefits that include weight loss and getting in shape.

So what are the 5 ways that yoga can help you to lose weight? See below and prepare to be amazed.

5 Reasons To Practice Yoga

1 – Strength Building: When positioning your body into various poses with yoga, you’re using your muscles to balance yourself. This increases strength and your body’s metabolism. If you’re over the age of 30 or struggle with your metabolism, then you understand just how beneficial this advantage is.

2 – Sun Salutations: The Sun Salutation, also known as Surya Namaskar, is the performance of a series of poses without holding any of the poses and going through the series of poses quickly to increase the body’s heart rate and activating the body’s internal heat. This yoga practice is generally performed in the morning to “greet the sun” and start the day, but is not used by everyone.

3 – Thyroid Gland Activation: When performing the shoulder stand yoga pose you’ll promote thyroid activity which then promotes weight loss.

4 – Gastrointestinal Stimulation: When your GI tract is functioning poorly or is damaged, this ultimately affects weight loss. Back bending yoga positions in particular help stimulate the GI tract system, which leads to weight loss.

5 – The Infamous Corpse Pose: This is a yoga pose that opens up all of the body’s chi energy channels. When these channels are open, stress and anxiety are relieved. When stress and anxiety are relieved you’re less likely to reach out to your favorite comfort foods to self-soothe.

Stay In Shape & PeaceMan in a sun salutation pose

From reducing stress and anxiety to finding inner peace and losing weight, there are a multitude of benefits to yoga. Losing weight is a perk that anyone who wants to lose weight would welcome.


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